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Toso Kune Do is an American Martial Arts system and follows the concepts of many of the American Martial Art Masters such as Bruce Lee, Ed Parker and the like who blended many martial art techniques, concepts and disciplines to seek truth in self expression. Toso Kune Do is not unique in the sense that it also is an open system of techniques and concepts respecting and appreciating all martial art forms in order to provide guidance and perspective to self discovery in the martial arts. Seeking universal truths that transcend style and culture and gravitate towards absolute truths and understanding. Even transcending martial arts itself and existing in all facets of life. An analogous example is the use of the classic writings by the ancient Chinese philosopher and general, Sun Tzu in his book, “The Art of War”. This book is not only required reading in military academies but has also been read by financial institutions and individuals as a reference for the ultimate lessons of preparing for success. Similarly Toso Kune Do provides lessons that can be applied to everyday life. How you deal with people and situations in life. How you carry and position yourself for success. It is a way, through experiencing martial arts, of being positive and motivated to improve ones own life.

The Toso Kune Do system exposes individuals to a solid base from which the individual can effectively pursue their own path to martial arts excellence. This is done by presenting a breadth of philosophies, concepts and techniques with enough depth to inspire the most effective and direct paths to personal success. The variety within the curriculum keeps the individual’s pursuit interesting and motivated. Also having an appreciation and understanding of other cultures fosters respect and harmony to society and can enrich ones own life experiences.

The name “Toso Kune Do” was inspired by Koichi Sokomoto who led the famous Alpha stunt team in the Power Rangers T.V. series. Jason David Frank worked with Sokomoto on the show as the Green, White and red rangers also known as Tommy Oliver. Although the literal translation is “The way of the fighting fist”, the name represents more than just fighting. It represents the never ending journey and continual struggle for personal excellence. “

The Toso Kune Do system incorporates an entire arsenal of dynamic kicks, elusive hand techniques and powerful restraining holds, combining a mixture of philosophies and disciplines from multiple styles of Martial Arts around the world into its curriculum.


Personal training with a martial arts instructor.

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